Conduct Guest Satisfaction Surveys Straightforward And Compare Your Hotel Anonymously In A Hotel Benchmark.

Guest Satisfaction Survey Made Easy

Survey Software InfoWiz to conduct successfully guest surveys

Guest surveys the easy way with the survey software InfoWiz®!

Measure simply and fast the satisfaction of your hotel guests, reastaurant guests, seminar guests, wellness guests etc. The survey software InfoWiz® manages in a most simplest way the complete process from creating a questionnaire, collecting the responses up to displaying sound statistical analyses by mouse click.

The most important features and advantages:

  • Easy creation of a questionnaire “Guest Satisfaction” for online surveys as well as surveys on paper.
  • Online questionnaires can be easily integrated into your website or be dispatched by e-mail.
  • Meaningful statistical evaluations of the guest satisfaction and employee satisfaction can be displayed at any time by mouse click.
  • Benchmarking for an anonymous comparison with similar companies.


Applications in the tourism industry

For companies in the tourism sector the survey software InfoWiz® offers five sample questionnaires for guest satisfaction surveys and employee satisfaction surveys enabling an anonymous participation in benchmarks.

These sample questionnaires include satisfaction surveys of

  • Hotel guests
  • Restaurant guests
  • Seminar guests
  • Wellness guests
  • Employees
Use the survey software InfoWiz for guest surveys of your hotel guests, restaurant guests, wellness guests and seminar guests etc.


These standard questionnaires (samples questionnaires) can individually be amended with additional company-specific questions. By using one of these sample questionnaires for guest satisfaction survey and employee satisfaction survey you will be automatically entitled to take part anonymously in the hotel benchmark. A single hotel or restaurant can then compare its data anonymously with other hotels or restaurants as for example with companies from the same region or category.


Guest satisfaction surveys and employee satisfaction surveys conducted with the survey software InfoWiz® are accepted and approved by the Swiss Tourism Federation (STV) for their Q-Program. Furthermore, the survey software InfoWiz® is also strategically used by well-known companies within the context of the ISO certification. Numerous innovative hoteliers rely on InfoWiz® in order to optimize their decision-making processes.

Analyze regularly your guests’ requirements in order to optimize your services.

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