With The Questionnaire Software InfoWiz® Any Kind Of Target Groups Can Be Interviewed

Typical Applications Of The Questionnaire Software


The questionnaire software InfoWiz® is used in different industries for different target groups. Possible applications for online surveys or traditional paper-and-pencil surveys are:

Employee survey

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Job application feedback
  • Feedback after job introduction
  • Feedback after trainings
  • Feedback on resignation
  • Executives survey
  • Apprentices survey

Customer survey

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Feedback after trainings and seminars

Healthcare sector

  • Patients satisfaction
  • Feedback after therapies

Education system

  • Student satisfaction
  • Teacher satisfaction


  • Hotel guest satisfaction survey
  • Restaurant guest satisfaction survey
  • Wellness guest satisfaction survey
  • Banquet guests survey
  • Event survey
  • Tour operators survey
  • Seminar participants satisfaction
  • Speakers satisfaction survey
  • Cultural enthusiasts satisfaction survey
  • Event organizers survey

Easy-to-use survey software to create questionnaires easy and fastQuestionnaire easily created

Part of a typical questionnaire, how it can be automatically created by the questionnaire software InfoWiz®. Besides the question about satisfaction there is the possibility to ask in a second dimension about how much importance one will attach to a specific topic. The following evaluations show then possible needs for actions: as for example if customers are very unsatisfied with a situation they attach high importance to.


Save time with statistics by mouse clickSatisfaction and Importance

The questionnaire software InfoWiz® offers great support with an automated process of the evaluation of the questionnaires and provides numerous detailed statistics by mouse click. Since there is the possibility to ask besides evaluation questions also questions about the importance in a second dimension, the survey software InfoWiz® offers a comprehensive quadrant graph identifying immediately the need for action for specific topics.


Compare your company with other similiar companies or departments.Comparison with similar companies/departments

The feature “Benchmarking” enables to compare your company anonymously with other similar companies or among different departments provided that a standard questionnaire is used


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