Patient Survey Made Easy With The Survey Software InfoWiz®

Conduct Sucessfully Patient Surveys

What are the purposes of  patient surveys?

The patients’ priorities and expectations can very much differ from those of the service providers. A seriously conducted patient survey enables a better understanding of the patient perspective and offers following advantages:

  • Information and additional suggestions from the patients’ point of view
  • Detailed feedbacks on treatments or new therapies
  • Improvement of the daily working procedures
  • Optimization of working processes
  • Signal of quality in the surgery
  • Increase of confidence building between the doctor and the patient



Easy-to-use survey software to conduct patient surveys
Survey software InfoWiz for any target groups of patients

How does the Survey Software InfoWiz®  work?

The survey software InfoWiz® is the cost-effective and innovative survey tool to analyze patient satisfaction, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction etc. InfoWiz® manages in a most simplest way the complete process from creating a questionnaire, collecting the answers up to displaying sound and comprehensive statistical analyses by mouse click.

The most important features and advantages of the survey software InfoWiz®:

  • Simply creating of questionnaires in order to conduct patient surveys and employee surveys (online and on paper).
  • The list of questions and the scope of the survey can individually be defined.
  • Paper questionnaires can directly by printed in a clear standard layout. Due to existing templates no time-consuming graphical designing is necessary.
  • Online questionnaires can directly be integrated into your existing website and/or be dispatched by e-mail. Online questionnaires enable an automated import of the responses and no manual data entry is needed.
  • Detailed and comprehensive statistical analyses can be retrieved at any time by mouse click. As for example segmentation of the target group by privat patients, self-paying patients etc. , set up filters on certain departments or therapies or analyze the data by a certain time period.

Numerous companies rely on the survey software InfoWiz® in order to optimize their decision-making processes (see testimonials).  Furthermore, the questionnaire software InfoWiz® is also strategically used by well-known companies within the context of the ISO certification.

Analyze the patients’ needs and the success of therapies.

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