Survey Software InfoWiz®

survey software for online surveys and paper surveys

The survey software InfoWiz® offers flexibility

Conduct your customer satisfaction survey or employee satisfaction survey by paper questionnaire as well as by online questionnaire. Decide individually which form of survey suits better your target group and promises a better response.


Customer satisfaction analysis

Suitable for all kind of target groups

Conduct quickly and efficiently customer satisfaction surveys as well as surveys about the employee satisfaction, the guest satisfaction, the patient satisfaction, the student satisfaction etc.


Meaningful statistics by mouse click

Meaningful statistics simply by mouse click

Save time with the survey software  InfoWiz® and create automatically numerous detailed and comprehensive statistics with a few mouse clicks only. 

The survey software InfoWiz® is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for the satisfaction analysis of your customers, employees, students, patients etc. The survey software InfoWiz® manages in a most simplest way the complete process from creating a questionnaire, collecting the responses up to displaying sound statistical analysis by mouse click. With InfoWiz® you will be able to measure regularly the satisfaction and expectations of your customers and employees and take the necessary steps. Online questionnaires by InfoWiz® can be answered by using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

What our customers are saying

“From my experience as auditor and consultant I notice time and again that many companies bother with the effort and costs in relation with surveys. For the certification of a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 a customer satisfaction survey is however necessary. InfoWiz® is an especially easy-to-use program and allows various types of surveys, analysis and evaluations. The value-of-money ratio of this tool is excellent.”

Katharina Müllener


“The employee satisfaction survey conducted with the survey software InfoWiz® was very successful. Thanks to a department specific and most informative evaluation could we better agree on relating targets, meet these objectives and verify them. An excellent tool in order to optimize the improvement management.”

Peter H. Ernst

Managing Director, Hotel Seedamm Plaza, Pfäffikon

“InfoWiz® is a very innovative and cost-effective product. Without investing too much time we can easily create a questionnaire and immediately evaluate the data. Based on the knowledge gained we continuously optimize our services and decision-making processes.”

Fritz Erni

Managing Director, Art Deco Hotel Montana, Lucerne

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